There is only one way to get to North Haven Resort. You have to fly here. In fact, we are the only resort on Utik Lake in Northern Manitoba. That means several things not just for our guests, but also just for our daily operations.

For example … how do we get all our groceries and supplies?

We fly those in too. Just like you have to do. Check out the video below.

 5 Reasons Why We Love Our Seclusion

1. We are the only resort on the lake.

That means you don’t have to fight over popular fishing spots. No competition, no frustration, just a great day of fishing. Our expert guides take you out to some of the best freshwater fishing spots in the world.

2. We have proven trophy fish in our waters. 

You can check out all our pictures for yourself. We have trophy-sized northern pike and walleye you could only dream of catching one day. Some of the fish caught here like northern pike have exceeded 50 inches.

3. We encourage the CPR fishing method. 

Catch-Photo-Release practices keep our waters stocked with massive fish. That means your chances of becoming a Master Angler are getting better by the day. We are happy to play a part in Manitoba’s Master Angler Catch and Release program to promote responsible fishing.

4. Our shore lunches are as authentic as it gets. 

Anglers can pull up on shore for the most exclusive and delicious shore lunch in Canada. That means no crowded sites or competing for fireboxes. Just our expert guides (who double as world-class chefs) cooking you up a fresh caught fish on the beautiful shores of Lake Utik.

5. Our luxury lodge, cabins, and amenities are truly an escape from reality. 

The cabins have large, comfy beds with satellite TV/radio and amazing waterfront views. Our lodge has world-class food and drinks and an exciting game room. From relaxing in the outdoor hot tub to deep slumbers in your secluded cabin, this resort is one of the few places to really find isolation.

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