2022 Should be a Record Breaking Summer for Big Northern Pike

The outlook is that 2022 should be a record breaking summer for big northern pike. We are expecting our guests at North Haven Resort to catch both greater quantities and larger sizes of giant trophy Northern Pike than ever before!


Fishing Predictions for a Record Breaking Summer

The sustained high water levels on Utik Lake, warm weather for vegetation growth, prevalence of bait fish and lack of angling pressure over the last two seasons suggest that 2022 will be an incredible year for fishing at North Haven Resort on Utik Lake!

How Large Will the Fish Be?

Growth rates in Northern Pike can be affected by many factors. Water temperature, length of growing season and abundance of prey all appear to be factors effecting growth. Northern Pike found in southern regions grow much faster primarily due to warm water and long growing seasons.  In northern lakes, Northern Pike grow slower, but live much longer and overall grow larger. Northern Pike grow the fastest in their first season, often reaching a length of over 6”. The next several years can see continued growth in the 3-5” per year range. Once the fish mature at approximately 5-6 years of age, this rate slows to 1-1.5” a year. This rate will continue until roughly the 25th season when the fish is approximately 45” long. The growth rate will then further slow to approximately 0.5” until the end of life at approximately 30-35 years of age.

Long Term Outlook for a Record Breaking Summer

One of the most significant factors in determining the success for a new year class of Northern Pike is the water level during the spawn. The last several years have seen exceptionally high spring water levels. 2021 had one of the highest water levels ever recorded on Utik Lake. The high water levels provide increased spawning habitat and better nursery areas for fragile young fish. The continued high water will likely result is sustained high populations of Northern Pike for many years to come. As the these populations mature, Utik Lake will continue to see more and more giant trophy Northern Pike!