World-Class Fishing

North Haven Resort on Utik Lake offers some of the best fishing in North America. Utik Lake is approximately 35 miles long and is filled with many islands, hidden shallow bays and steep drop-offs that provide the ideal structure to hold monster northern pike, walleye, and lake trout. We are proud to operate high management lakes to promote fish growth and to protect our valuable resources for generations to come.

Due to Utik Lake’s extremely remote location and virtually no fishing pressure, North Haven Resort is perhaps best known for producing some of the largest trophy northern pike season after season.  Each year our guests record hundreds of trophy catches.  To earn trophy status a northern pike must be over 41 inches in length.  Many of the giant northern pike caught and released surpass the 45-inch mark with a few monster northern pike approaching or even exceeding 50 inches every summer.

Don’t have the right tackle? No problem, we can supply all the gear you will need to catch the trophy fish of a lifetime. We offer spinning and bait casting rods, reels and tackle. Or you may also want to try fly fishing tackle for the ultimate thrill.

Utik Lake Fishing for Pike at North Haven Resort

A Truly Extraordinary Experience
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