Delicious Shore Lunch

A fresh walleye shore lunch is a much-anticipated part of any Canadian trophy fishing experience.  At North Haven Resort our shore lunches are over the top! We have many handpicked shore lunch spots scattered on islands throughout Utik Lake.  All these locations are stocked with cut firewood, picnic tables, fire boxes with cooking grates and have gentle shorelines to easily get in and out of your boat.  The lunches that take place on Utik Lake at noon everyday can be described in one word: delicious! Our professional fishing guides treat our guests to the freshest walleye, caught a few hours or even minutes before lunch.  The walleye recipes offered range from traditional pan fried and baked to sweet and sour stir fry, honey garlic and spicy buffalo wing style; the possibilities are endless and new recipes are always being created.  Sit back and relax with your favorite beverage as our staff quickly prepares an unforgettable meal. Homemade french fries and onion rings, cheese tray, salad, fresh fruit, crisp vegetables and dessert round out the shore lunch experience that you will not soon forget and will keep you coming back year after year!

At North Haven Resort we are aware that many of our guests may have certain dietary restrictions or needs.  We will make every effort possible to accommodate these needs at our shore lunches.

A Truly Extraordinary Experience
Create your own lifetime of memories at North Haven Resort.