World-Class Fishing

During your stay at North Haven Resort you will undoubtedly catch many fish and most likely a few “trophy fish”.  North Haven Resort actively takes part in the Manitoba Master Angler Catch and Release Program. This program encourages our guests to practice CPR fishing (Catch, Photo and Release). Guests who catch and release a northern pike over 41 inches, a walleye over 28 inches or a lake trout over 35 inches are considered Master Anglers and will receive special recognition of their accomplishment complements of North Haven Resort and Travel Manitoba.  Each year more trophy northern pike are caught than we have guests so the odds of becoming a Master Angler are in your favor!

In order to maintain a high-quality fishery for all our guests now and in the future, North Haven Resort follows a strict catch and release policy for all fish caught.  The only fish allowed to be kept are walleye that are served at shore lunches and no fish can be taken home. Fishing is always done with barbless hooks, heavy line and a stout rod in order to minimize harm and exhaustion to the fish.  If any of our guests would like to have a trophy fish mounted, we can recommend taxidermy studios that excel in creating a replica of the fish that was caught.

Trophy Catch & Release Fishing on Utik Lake, Manitoba

A Truly Extraordinary Experience
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