Explore the Wilderness

Nestled on the shores of Utik Lake, North Haven Resort is in the middle of the wilderness of northern Manitoba and is the only resort on the lake. Many of our guests are here to fish, but we offer so much more than just that.

The Cabins at North Haven are your home away from home. They are all located steps away from Utik Lake and have large furnished decks for relaxing while you enjoy a sunrise or sunset. We also have an outdoor hot tub for those who like to blend relaxation with the views of the rustic boreal forest.

Whether you spent the day fishing and want to enjoy a drink at The Lodge with friends, or maybe relax and hit our world-class spa, North Haven Resort has everything you need for an unforgettable trip.

Explore the Outdoors in Manitoba at North Haven Resort
Boating Trips

We offer boating trips around Utik Lake to view the natural beauty of the lake and forest. If you’re lucky, you might just spot wildlife such as eagles, loons and possibly black bears, wolves, moose or even caribou. Whether you hit the lake with a group of friends or want a leisurely, romantic trip with a loved one, our boat trips are one of a kind.

Paddle Boards

Paddleboarding is a guest favorite at North Haven Resort. It may look difficult to first-timers, but it only takes a bit of practice to get the hang of. The goal is to stand up on the board while using an oar to row yourself through the water. It can be a very fun way to travel the water, while also being a challenging balancing act. We recommend kneeling on the paddle board if it’s your first time. We’ve seen a guest or two try standing before they’re ready, only to be thrown off balance when the wake from a nearby boat rolls in. We don’t want anyone to fall into that cold Utik Lake water! Once you’re comfortable kneeling, then you can work your way up to a standing position and paddle like the pros.


Canoeing is a family favorite here at North Haven Resort. Since our canoes can fit a handful of people, they are also the primary choice for groups looking for a leisurely paddle around the lake. Canoes are much bigger and longer than our single person kayaks. Not everyone in the canoe even has to paddle, so it’s less of a workout an more of a close-to-the-water boat ride. There’s space in the canoes to pack coolers as well if you want a beverage while you’re out on the water.


Kayaks are like small canoes. There’s only one seat, and the person sitting must do all of the rowing with a double-sided oar. Kayaks are popular for people looking to get some physical activity in before heading out on the fishing boat. Paddling yourself around Utik Lake gets you out there all by yourself and makes for a great work out as well. We also have groups that rent a handful of kayaks together. This way everyone can paddle themselves and still stay close enough to talk and laugh together.

Water Bikes

Water bikes are like normal bikes, but instead of tires on the wheels, there are little paddles. Peddling keeps the paddles turning. So how do you float? Basically, the bike is connected on either side by two small kayaks. There’s no need to balance and no risk of falling off because the kayak-like flotation devices on either side keep you stable. You can peddle as quickly or leisurely as you like, so these can be a fun way to travel the lake with a family or a great work out for the active guests.

All boat trips and equipment rentals can be taken care of during your stay.