5 Benefits of Angling with A Professional Guide

Here are the 5 major benefits that make fishing with a professional guide a no brainer:

1. Catch Bigger Fish More Often With A Professional Guide

It’s no question that the easiest way to increase the odds of getting bites in new waters is to work with a professional guide. Guides have the knowledge, skills, and experience to consistently put their guests on productive waters. With vast angling knowledge, a guide knows the best spots and ways to catch each type of fish. The more fish you catch, the better the chances are that a couple of those bites are from trophy-sized fish.

2. Don’t Worry About The Boat Or Gear

Another benefit of angling with a professional guide is that you don’t have to worry about the boat or the gear. On top of the pressures of making a decent catch, tending to the boat and rigging all the gear can be a lot. Put all that pressure onto a professional guide who will handle it all for you. Boats and fishing gear can be expensive for people who don’t fish often. Guides use their equipment every day, so you can be sure it’s top of the line and in great condition too.

3. Learn From A Professional Guide With Real Experience

Instead of constantly questioning yourself when you fish, learn directly from your guide. Not only are they there to get you to great spots, but they also are there to teach. You can jump the learning curve by years with just a couple of days with a professional guide. They are happy to answer any questions and expect you to want to learn.

4. Bring Friends and Family With You

Fishing with a professional guide is so easy and enjoyable, you can even bring friends and family. Maybe your significant other doesn’t love fishing as much as you. That’s fine, but who doesn’t love a fun day out on the boat? You can bring the whole family and all their friends on a fishing trip if you want. Your professional guide will take care of all the hard work so you can enjoy your day fishing and spending time with your favorite people.

5. Photograph Your Catches & Cook Shore Lunch Too

When you make an amazing catch, you’ll remember it forever. But why not also have a picture of it too? Professional guides will take a photograph of you with your biggest catches so you can document the fun. Did we mention that the best angling guides also cook you the fish you catch? Each day at noon your professional guide will prepare you a mouthwatering fresh walleye shore lunch and tasty side dishes while you relax and plan your strategy for the afternoon of fishing that is yet to come. Shore lunch may just be the most memorable part of the whole fishing trip. Aside from a personal record-breaking catch of course.

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