5 Reasons Why You Should Considering Unplugging from Your Smartphone

According to the Pew Research Center, 96% of Americans own cell phones, 81% of which are smartphones. For the 81% who own smartphones, users spend an average of nearly three hours on their phones per day, and much of that time is spent on various social media apps. Over the years, study after study indicates that screen time, especially screen time spent on social media, leads to a decreased quality in life, diminished mental health, and other various psychological and cognitive ailments. Social media and screen time in general can seem inescapable (in fact, the recent documentary The Social Dilemma suggests that social media is engineered to be addictive) which is why “unplugging”—that is, turning off your smartphone and keeping it locked away for a prolonged period of time—is becoming more and more common. Listed in the section below are a couple of reasons why you should consider unplugging from your phone and social media. 

Unplugging Improves Sleep 

We have all heard at some point that phone time before bed makes it more difficult to fall asleep. The blue glow of a smartphone’s screen throws off the body’s circadian rhythm, which leads to poorer sleep quality overall. Unfortunately, according to one study, 71% of Americans fall asleep with the phones on their nightstand, in their bed, or even in their hand. To make matters worse, a majority of the people who fall asleep with their phones in their hands start their morning by checking their social media feeds as soon as they wake up. Most people know that good, deep sleep is tied to a whole host of health benefits—unplugging is a great way to break smartphone addiction and get better, much needed sleep. After unplugging for a couple of days, the simple act of waking up in a luxurious bed and taking coffee outside while watching the sunset from one of our cabins will be enough to recharge you and invigorate you for the day.

Unplugging Provides You with Real Solitude

The day-to-day struggles of the average person build over time, and smartphones tend to connect people to their problems in a more immediate way (after all, if your phone isn’t in your hand, it’s probably in your pocket). Unplugging and returning to nature can be more therapeutic than one might think. Sometimes, everyone needs to take a break from endless news cycles and simply look at a serene lake or a stunning mountain range during golden hour. Even under ideal conditions, most fishing spots throughout North America are at least somewhat populated; fortunately, North Haven is the only resort on Utik Lake, which allows you to have control over your environment. We can assure you that when you fish your section of the lake, it will be yours and yours alone, and that you’ll be able to experience true solitude and oneness with nature. 

Unplugging Empowers You to Use Your Phone Less Frequently

Increasingly, more and more aspects of our lives are becoming entwined with smartphone use. A majority of people access their personal and professional emails through their phones, and work can trickle into your personal life through texts and social media alerts. It is possible, though, to break the cycle and prevent smartphone addiction by unplugging and dedicating time to living your life without distraction. Many people try to eat their cake and have it, too, by turning off notifications and setting time limits for screen time; but, the only guarantee that you can break from the cycle is by shutting the phone off and spending time away from it. Once you unplug and explore the wilderness, you’ll find yourself needing to go back to your phone less and less. Obviously, you will need to use your phone at some point—but, by making a conscious effort to spend more time away from your screen, you will increase your chances of becoming less attached to it in the long term.  

Unplugging Keeps You Present and in the Moment

Time is precious—it is one of the few things we truly cannot have back once it’s gone. Most people who use social media have experienced “going down the rabbit hole” of YouTube or Twitter. It’s sometimes easy to experience hours pass in a blink of an eye, which is why it is important to unplug and experience life at a slower pace (from time to time). Being present in the moment can be deeply therapeutic and meditative, both of which lead to increased appreciation of life in general. Just as you can become lost in endless streams of online content, it can be just as easy to slow down and appreciate the small, beautiful things around you. By unplugging, even something as simple as eating a delicious shore lunch in the wilderness can be profound and life-changing, especially when truly sharing the experience with a loved one or close friend. 

Unplugging Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Lastly, but most importantly, unplugging can truly improve the quality of your life. All of the above-mentioned reasons why you should consider unplugging are important because they all add to the overall quality of your life. When you unplug, you aren’t preoccupied with the fear of missing out (FOMO for short) nor are you high strung from being barraged by emails. Excessive use of smartphones is associated with depression and anxiety, both of which exacerbate physical conditions such as high blood pressure and bodily stress. Unplugging removes these triggers from your life and enables you to live your life with less distraction. Everyone wants to live a long, happy life, and stepping away from a major source of anxiousness is a great first step towards achieving that goal.

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