How to Catch Northern Pike

North Haven Resort on Utik Lake is well known for producing trophy fish, especially Northern Pike. Anglers worldwide come to Utik Lake in hopes of catching some of the largest Northern Pike of anywhere in North America. At 35 miles long, Utik Lake provides many islands, shallow bays, steep drop-offs and virtually no fishing pressure creating the ideal habit that giant Northern Pike absolutely love.  North Haven Resort also has a team of professional guides who will get you to the most productive parts of Utik Lake for huge Northern Pike depending upon the time of year. Our guides can also supply all the fishing gear you will need. 

Three Top Tips

Before you cast, you will want to know how to catch a Northern Pike. Often it takes a little skill, patience, and the right tools. Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered. Read on for three top tips for catching a monster Northern Pike. 

First, brush up on your geography. Know where Northern Pike hide: shorelines, creek inlets, and others. Ask your fishing guide any questions you have and for their advice. 

Then, You Will Need to Gear Up! 

North Haven Resort will provide all the fishing tackle needed during your stay, but here’s a list of items to give you an edge while angling for the biggest Pike. 

  • Lure Suggestions: Mepps Bucktails, (Anglia size 5, Musky Killer or Giant Killer colors red, black, yellow or white with silver or gold blades);  Johnson’s Silver Minnow (4-inch size, color silver or gold); Doctor Spoons (color of gold, silver, green or silver/blue); Half-Wave Spoons (colors red/gold or silver/red);  Any 4” to 6” hard or soft body jerk baits in natural colors.
  • Polarized sunglasses. Take the glare off the water so you can see below the surface
  • A strong dependable fishing rod is essential. Suggested rods and reels: 7’ medium-heavy or heavyweight rods, reels with 30-50lb braided line and 60-80lb steel or titanium 12” leaders.
  • Keep your hooks sharp. The sharper the hooks the more fish you will catch. Please remember North Haven Resort practices catch and release for all Northern Pike.  We strictly use barbless hooks too.
  • Always have your tools ready to use. You never know when a massive Northern Pike will strike.

Next, You Will Want to Mix it Up

Try different methods and speeds with your lure until a Pike is caught.  Then continue the method and speed that was successful. If a Pike strikes and you aren’t able to hook it, don’t freeze!  Often times if you speed up your retrieve after a strike, the Northern Pike will be enticed to quickly strike your lure again.  Change the bait early and often of you aren’t having success.

Finally, If you follow our three top tips, you might just score the catch of lifetime. Even if you don’t, remember…your next trophy catch is just one castaway.

In the end, it’s all about the experience. Contact Us at North Haven Resort to learn more and book your trip for fun, world-class fishing and more at our luxurious fly in fishing resort.