North Haven’s Social Distancing Ideas

Social Distancing Staycation!

We hope to see you in the future when you book your trip to North Haven Resort for fishing, fun, relaxation, spa, and stunning natural landscapes. Unfortunately, we will not be able to deliver our world-class resort service for a bit. Until then, North Haven Resort wants you to be safe AND take care of yourself. We have compiled a list of high-impact staycation ideas for you to pamper yourself and your loved ones. In addition, we have included key information in case you absolutely must travel during this time of social distancing and flattening the curve of COVID-19.

Cook up a Storm

Whip up your favorite dish, eat cake for breakfast, have pizza for dessert…anything goes in your own home! Celebrate by eating food from your favorite country: Spanish Sunday, Mexican Monday, and Turkish Tuesday. The possibilities are endless when you can indulge your favorite edibles from the comfort of your own home. Cruise online for some new recipes and teach yourself that dish you always said you would learn…no excuses, pal, you have got nothing but hours!

Learn a Language

There is no better time than now to dedicate yourself to improving your brainpower. Power up with an app that can help grow your vocabulary in the language of your choice. By the time this quarantine is in the rear-view mirror, you will be on the road to discovering a new country and culture. Make a schedule and keep to it: baby steps to learning Italian, Chinese, French or even Latin: Carpe diem, dude!

Experience nature away from the crowds

The exhilaration of travel often comes from experiencing things for the first time. Enjoy new, awe-inspiring landscapes while social distancing! A Stanford University study suggested that being in nature may increase happiness. Check out apps like iNaturalist to learn about the unexplored terrain in your own neighborhood.

Home Spa Treatment

Gather that lavender and peppermint you have been saving for that mental health day you never took. Scrounge up the bubble bath and those Enya CDs you stashed away. Tell the kids you are busy for an hour (give them access to a helpful app or movie). If you have a willing partner, exchange massage treatment. You will be surprised how good you can take care of yourself in your own home.

When the world reopens, North Haven Resort will welcome you with open arms. We can’t wait to offer you second-to-none service, fishing, spa, and boating as soon as we make it through. Please stay safe, practice social distancing, and be ready to book a stay with us ASAP!