Northern Lights at North Haven Resort

Winter is now in full swing at North Haven Resort on Utik Lake. The long cold dark nights and clear crisp dry air provide a perfect viewing opportunity for the mysterious Northern Lights!

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What Causes the Northern Lights?

Aurora Borealis is another name for The Northern Lights.  Charged particles emitted by the sun energize gaseous particles in the earth’s upper atmosphere therefore forming the Aurora Borealis. Magnificent colors are created by different gasses being energized at different heights in the atmosphere. Energized oxygen creates the commonly seen green color. Nitrogen is responsible for darker colors like purple. Although the lights are sometimes bright enough and it feels like they can be easily touched, in reality they exist between 50 and 200 miles above the ground high in the Earth’s atmosphere.

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Why Can’t I See Them At Home?

Earth’s magnetic field blocks most of the charged particles from the sun.  Particles are able to enter the atmosphere at the North and South poles because magnetic field is weaker and this produces the dazzling lights.

Did you know?

When you see the Aurora Borealis in the southern hemisphere, they are the Aurora Australis. The colors are just as vibrant, only they are visible in places such as Tasmania, New Zealand and Antarctica.

Want To See Them?

August is a great time to view the Aurora Borealis at North Haven Resort! As late summer days get shorter, the nights get longer and darker. Guests who stay up late, or even set an alarm for the middle of the night, are often treated to a spectacular show. There are very few places on earth where one can catch giant Northern Pike during the day, enjoy a five-star dinner in the evening and view the Northern Lights at night!