Outdoor Adventures in the Fall

When the fall season approaches, there are an abundance of outdoor adventures available. These adventures can range from camping and enjoining the fall colors to a heart pounding hunting trip in the mountains to the thrill of hooking into a monster fish.  This can be a special time of year for anyone looking to get some much needed time outside.  Here are just a few things that the fall season offers outdoor enthusiasts.

Trophy Fishing

As summer winds down, many fishermen pack away their fishing gear. In reality, fall is the time of the year with some of the best fishing!  When the weather begins to cool at night and the days get shorter, many fish begin to feed heavily to bulk up for the winter.  These cooler nights also begin to drop water temperatures. Fish that were once found deep in cool water during summer, are now in much shallower water.  These combined factors make large predator fish such as musky, northern pike and even walleye easier to locate and catch. Cooler water temperatures also increase how often fish feed.  This is because fish are trying to add weight in order to survive a long winter where food is more scares.  Another advantage of fishing in the fall is smaller crowds at popular areas. This can lead to less congestion at boat launches and areas where fishing from shore is popular.


Fall is a time when many outdoorsman begin to think about hunting. Hunting can be enjoyed in many different ways. It can be leisurely walking fields in search of whitetail deer, long distance hikes looking for antelope or climbing steep mountain paths going after elk.  Fall is the breading season for most big game species.  This often makes the males more active and less cautions as they patrol for a partner.  As males are out searching for mates, they often become more apt to respond to calls and scents.  These factors all combine for the potential to harvest a once-in-a-lifetime trophy. The variety of species to pursue and the differences in the landscapes where they live makes hunting a challenging and rewarding fall pastime.


Hiking is the perfect fall activity.  With cooler daytime temperature and still bright sunny days, fall offers some of the best hiking conditions of the year.  Dressing in layers is often the best approach to regulate the differing temperatures from cool mornings to warmer afternoons and evenings.   This is also the time of year where many fall colors can be seen.  Leaves loose their green color and begin to change to reds, oranges and yellows due to less sunlight and colder nighttime temperatures. Fall hiking also tends to be less crowded as the summer rush at many popular areas winds down.

Even though summer is over, there’s still time to enjoy the outdoors!  Whether you are casting shallow bays for northern pike, sitting in a treestand waiting for a trophy whitetail or hiking down a trail among the beautiful fall colors, the fall season is perfect for outdoor adventures.