Take a Fishing Photo Like the Pros

North Haven Resort takes part in the Manitoba Master Angler Catch and Release Program. This program encourages our guests to practice CPR fishing: Catch, Photo and Release. Make sure your big catch is captured forever in fishing photo: read on for tips from the photography pros!

Start by getting a quality camera: professional quality digital cameras are affordable, even the midrange smartphones have decent cameras. Now that you have your camera, it’s time to plan your trip to North Haven Resort!

Have the Camera Ready

Next, keep your fishing photo simple with autofocus: Make sure the focus is on the fish and the angler: don’t forget to focus on our accommodations at North Haven Resort!

Always Use the Flash on Your Camera

Here’s why:

-The flash will eliminate shadows.

-Using the flash will freeze the action.

-Flashing will brighten the angler’s proud face and add color to the fish.

Next, Try Shooting Photos from Different Angles

Get down low, get up high. Shoot vertically and horizontally.

Review Your Shots

After taking the first few photos, review them on your camera to make sure they look good. Don’t wait until the fish is on board to start shooting; photo the action of the fight, the landing and the celebration to tell the complete story

Set the Scene: Lights, Camera, Action! YOU Are The Director

-Just prior to the photo dip the fish in the water: this adds drama and life to the subject.

-Hats should be tilted up or removed because that will allow light on the subject’s face: lose the shades.

-Make it look natural, not staged: angler should be looking at fish, not the camera.

-Always hold fish at an angle toward the camera: this will make fish look larger and offer better light.

Shoot With the Sun to Your Back so The Natural Light is On The Subjects

Then, be sure to tell the whole story. Include the rod, reel, boat, the surrounding scenery, and other anglers in the shot to tell the story behind the catch.

Find out the whole story from North Haven Resort…we’ll answer all of your questions!

Sharing the Big Catch

Next, it’s time to share the fishing photo from your big catch. Before you share, think 3Fs: Focused, flattering and fun for sending photos to your friends & family, posting to Instagram, Facebook or Tinder (hey, no judgment here). After that, take the time to choose the best photos. Finally, it is time to share with pride!