By “Opting In” to or using North Haven Resort’s “Text Message Service” (both terms defined below), you accept these Terms & Conditions and agree to resolve disputes with North Haven Resort through binding arbitration (and with very limited exceptions, not in court), and you waive any right to participate in class actions.
Opting In
By Opting Into a Text Message Service:
  • You authorize North Haven Resort to use autodialer or non-autodialer technology to send text messages to the cell phone number associated with your Opt-In (i.e., the number listed on the Opt-In form or instructions, or, if none, the number from which you send the Opt-In, or, if none, the number on file for the account associated with your Opt-In). You also authorize North Haven Resort to include marketing content in any such messages. You do not have to Opt In or agree to Opt In as a condition of purchase.
  • You are signing your Opt-In to the Text Message Service.
  • You confirm that you are the subscriber to the relevant phone number or that you are the customary user of that number and that you are authorized to Opt In.
  • You consent to the use of an electronic record to document your Opt-In. To withdraw that consent email or call 1-866-531-3848.
  • After Opting In, in addition to the main messages the service offers, you may receive one or more welcome messages or administrative messages, such as (in some cases) a request to confirm your Opt-In.