Fisherman Hooks Huge Northern Pike at North Haven Resort

Earlier this year, a couple of anglers from In Fisherman came to North Haven Resort in search of monstrous Northern Pike. They caught a trophy fish after just minutes on the water. Check it out!

North Haven Resort Is Known For Massive Northern Pike!

Everyone knows the best places to fish are the hard-to-reach spots. That’s why North Haven Resort is so well-known for having huge Northen Pike populations. Because the only way to get here is to fly in. Fly-in country has the best fishing because the spots are authentic waters with true beasts swimming down below.

Without a doubt, this is a place where Northern Pike measuring over 40 inches is not uncommon, and 45 inch Northern Pike swim these waters too. Remote destinations are for fly-in fishing, especially on beautiful Utik Lake in Northern Manitoba.

In-Fisherman Anglers Caught a Monster Instantly

In the video, you’ll see anglers from In-Fisherman catch a huge Northern in under 15 minutes on the water. You can hear their authenticity and excitement in their voices. Fishing like you see in this video is unlike anywhere else in the world. These professionals know exactly what lures and tackle will give them the best chance of catching a sea beast. Their instincts and skill prove exceptional when they catch a fish in under 15 minutes.

After a fun day on the water, you’ll see the hosts from In-Fisherman are treated to the finest food and lodging. Rounding off a perfect day of fishing with a 5-star dinner and some delicious cocktails? I can think of no better way to relax and rest.

Book Your Stay For A Chance To Catch Huge Northern Pike!

If you’re ready for some authentic freshwater fishing in the beautiful water of Utik Lake in Northern Manitoba, then book your stay today!