Fly-In Fishing Only: Why We Love Our Seclusion

There is only one way to get to North Haven Resort. You have to fly in. In fact, we are the only resort on Utik Lake in Northern Manitoba. That means several things not just for our guests but also for our daily operations. Whether we’re hosting a guest for fly-in fishing or retrieving something like groceries and supplies, everything must be flown in. This is part of what makes North Haven Resort special. If you’re looking for a singular experience on one of the most beautiful lakes in North America, North Haven Resort is the place for you.

Check out the video below to see our supplies being flown in.

5 Reasons Why We Enjoy Our Seclusion

1. We Are the Only Resort on the Lake

As we mentioned, North Haven Resort is the only resort on Utik Lake. This means that whenever you go out to fish, the entire lake will be yours. Getting out in nature and spending time alone is restorative and necessary. Spending time on the waters of Utik Lake is an excellent opportunity to recharge and recenter. Everyone has had a tough year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Once everything starts to return to normal, a vacation will be warranted. Having an entire lake to fish with a close circle of friends or colleagues will make the wait worthwhile. 

2. We Have Proven Trophy Fish in Our Waters

One of the reasons why fly-in fishing works so well is because lake Utik is never overfished. Additionally, our professional guides know how to best fish our waters. Our guides are attuned to changes in the lake as well as fish migratory patterns. Their knowledge of hot spots and different techniques for specific fish will increase the odds of you landing a monster. Here are some of the trophy fish our guests have reeled in over the years. Our guests routinely catch giant walleye and northern pike. Some of the pike have measured over 50 inches! If you’ve always wanted to land “the big one,” our guides at North Haven Resort can help make your trophy fishing dreams come true.  

3. We Encourage the CPR Fishing Method

Here at North Haven Resort, we take pride in maintaining a lake that hosts gigantic fish. In order to keep our waters stocked with trophy fish, it is important to save our trophy fish. When we lead a trophy fishing expedition, we practice the CPR Fishing Method. The CPR method is as follows: catch, photo, then release. Our anglers will lead you to the best spots on the lake. They’ll then rig up your line and provide you with as much guidance as you deem necessary. Once you’ve got a hit, and once you’ve reeled in your trophy, we’ll take a picture of you and your monster northern pike. Then, we’ll return it safely to the water to ensure the sustainability of our magnificent lake. When everything’s said and done’ we’ll pack everything up and provide you with a shore lunch. By implementing this approach to fishing, everyone wins. And our trophy fish population maintains its numbers over the years. 

4. Our Shore Lunches Are As Authentic As It Gets

After a long day of wrestling with 50-inch fish, you’ll work up quite the appetite. Fortunately, our anglers are as cooking-savvy as they are fishing-savvy. Our guides cook up delicious shore lunches after a day of fly-in fishing. This experience is truly special—what could be better than eating a 5 star, fine-dining meal on the shore after a long day’s work? Our shore lunches are the perfect marriage of an outdoorsman experience and a Michelin-star restaurant experience. Once you’ve had one, you’ll be hooked and want to come back for more.  

5. Our Luxury Cabins & Amenities Are Truly an Escape From Reality

There’s no denying that our cabins and accommodations contain all the benefits of home living. Each of our cabins are equipped with wi-fi, satellite radio, and other amenities. That said, if you want the true, remote fly-in fishing experience, that’s still possible. We understand the urge to want to unplug, and there are many ways to do so. If this is the route you’d prefer to go, we encourage it, as there are many benefits to unplugging. Our guides and friendly staff can help you in any way you need to make your experience as therapeutic and rejuvenating as possible. Once everything returns to normal, and once the everyday distractions return, North Haven Resort will be here for you.

How Can I Learn More about North Haven’s Fly-In Fishing Adventures? 

If you’re still uncertain about what North Haven Resort has to offer, check out our helpful FAQ. Our accommodations and amenities are unparalleled, and our secluded location sets us apart. If you’re looking to get out into the wilderness, there’s no better place to be. Contact our friendly staff today to find out more about bookings for 2021. The upcoming year will be brighter and better. Consider spending some of that time on a fly-in fishing trip on one of the most beautiful lakes in North America.