Freshwater Fishing VS Saltwater Fishing

Fishing is our life’s blood. We work every single day to make North Haven Resort a world-class freshwater fishing resort. But what about saltwater fishing? Although it’s not our business, it’s still a huge piece in the fishing industry and a shared passion in the community.

Some fixate themselves in one category or the other (freshwater VS saltwater). This often depends on where your love of fishing began. If you live near the Great Lakes, you’re likely a freshwater fisher. One the other hand, someone raised in Southern Florida will self-identify as a saltwater fisher. There are many people, however, who want to experience both types of fishing.

Let’s take a look at some of the main differences between the two so you can decide for yourself where you stand in the freshwater fishing VS saltwater fishing debate.

Freshwater Fishing

Many anglers prefer freshwater fishing because it’s less harsh of an environment. Saltwater corrodes everything in time. Your boat, motor, tackle, and all the other equipment will corrode in saltwater. This means extra repairs and replacements.

This plays into another claim of superiority: freshwater fishing is less expensive. Like we mentioned, replacing and repairing equipment can end up costing a lot. In addition, you spend much more money on fuel when fishing in saltwater. This adds up quickly along with occasional fees and payments just to go out in saltwater bodies.

Freshwater fishing is also much safer. There are far fewer dangerous boating conditions in freshwater bodies. Freshwater fish also tend not to be as big because of much smaller living environments like streams and creeks.

Saltwater Fishing

There are many reasons why anglers prefer fishing in saltwater, but there’s one thing all people can agree on. Saltwater fish are bigger. Many people don’t even need to continue after that. It’s the Royal Flush of fishing arguments. Everyone wants to catch the trophy fish.

Not to mention, saltwater fish are often much fiercer predators. Massive sharks with razor-sharp teeth. Powerful jaws. Powerful tails. I mean, swordfish actually have swords on their faces to stab their prey. These fish are bigger, meaner, and scarier. Some people absolutely love that dangerous aspect of saltwater fishing. There’s a lot to do to make sure you are safe while saltwater fishing though.

The bait in saltwater fishing is also much different. You get bait with eels, crabs, giant shrimp, and more. Saltwater anglers are known to complain about how boring worms and minnows can get.

Which One Is Better?

They’re even. Whether you are fishing for northern pike or tuna, you’re still out on the water. Fishing is a legendary past-time loved by millions of people. Many folks’ favorite fishing spot is the one closest to them. It’s a place to escape and have some real fun.

We encourage everyone to give both types of fishing a shot. No matter what kind of fishing you are most comfortable with, sometimes trying something new is even more fun. The scenic beauty of a place like North Haven Resort is loved by many. However, just as many people want the adventure and thrill of deep-sea fishing too. No matter where you stand in the freshwater fishing VS saltwater fishing debate, we hope you’re staying safe, having fun, and most importantly, catching some trophy fish!

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