Trophy-Sized Northern Pike Live Right Here

What Do Northern Pike Look Like?

Northern pike are mostly an olive green color with yellow-white shade along the belly. The flank has light-colored spots and some dark spots on the fins. The fins can also be a reddish shade. The typical length is anywhere from one to two feet. Check out some of the biggest northern pike records of all time!

Where Do They Live?

Northern pike can be found in moderately cool freshwater throughout the Northern Hemisphere.  They tend to thrive in lakes and rivers that contain shallow bays for spawning as well as dense vegetation and rocky areas where they can ambush prey.

How Do Northern Pike Behave?

Known for their aggressive feeding, high populations, and large size, Northern pike are often the apex predator in the waters where they live and are excellent at hunting for food.  They often can wait, nearly motionless, for long periods of time for an unsuspecting fish to swim by.  Once a target is chosen, pike can accelerate remarkably fast as they strike, stunning their prey. This predatory and extremely aggressive nature is what makes northern pike one of the most exciting species for fishermen to target.

What’s The Best Way To Catch A One?

Since the northern pike feeds so aggressively, fisherman can catch them fishing in a variety of styles.  Earlier in the summer, just after the spawn, tends to be when a smaller and slower fishing presentation is needed.  This can be a time of year when fly fishing is extremely successful. Later in the summer as the weed beds regrow and thicken, fishing open pockets in the weed beds and weed edges with weedless spoons is very productive.  This is also a good time of year to try underwater rock structures with bucktails or jerk baits.

Utik Lake = Trophy-Sized Northern Pike

Utik Lake in northern Manitoba is well-known for having some of the best northern pike fishing of anywhere in North America. This is because of the lake’s perfect combination of cool, fresh water, countless hidden bays, steep rocky drop-offs, and vast weed beds, northern pike have the perfect habitat to thrive. The lake has the perfect balance of all the criteria required for northern pike to reach trophy sizes. Year after year fisherman travel to North Haven Resort, the only fishing lodge on Utik Lake, in search of giant northern pike.

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