Lake Trout: What to Know Before You Fly Out

What Do Lake Trout Look Like?

Lake trout are slightly grey to green in color, with lighter colored undersides. Yellow to cream-colored spots typically covers the body, head, and fins. The lower fins have an orange to reddish color with white along the edges. Breeding males often develop a dark-colored stripe on their sides. In terms of size, the average lake trout weighs about seven pounds. However, much larger ones have been recorded by angler’s weighing over 50 pounds.

Where Do They Live?

Lake trout live mostly in the freshwater lakes of North America, especially Canada. They are common in northern parts of the United States, and Alaska as well. Trout enjoy the cold, oxygenated waters. They typically stay in the deep waters of the lakes but venture deeper in warmer seasons to remain in cool temperatures. Water this deep is very low in nutrients, but trout are well-adapted to grow, just at a relatively slow pace. You can also find lake trout in river systems with habitats of similar characteristics.

How Do They Behave?

When they are young, they feed mostly on zooplankton and little invertebrates. Once they are larger they gradually become piscivorous and eat mostly other fish. However, sometimes their deep water preference provides fewer opportunities to eat other fish. In these instances, the trout must go back to feeding on zooplankton and small invertebrates once again.

These fish grow slowly and mature late. They can live long lives, but don’t reach reproductive ages until about year seven. Like many fish, characteristics of their environment greatly influence their reproductive potential. In addition, the cold water preference of this species means eggs take much longer to hatch. Some eggs may take up to six months to hatch, others may not hatch at all.

Fly Out to Catch Some Utik Lake Trout!

Utik Lake in northern Manitoba is well-known for having some of the best trout fishing of anywhere in North America. This is because of the lake’s perfect combination of cool, fresh water, countless hidden bays, steep rocky drop-offs, and vast weed beds, trout have the perfect habitat to thrive. The lake has the perfect balance of all the criteria required for populations to remain extremely high. Year after year anglers travels to North Haven Resort, the only fishing lodge on Utik Lake, in search of monstrous, 20-year-old lake trout.

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