Summer 2019 – What’s New on Utik Lake?

At North Haven Resort, we are always looking for ways to improve our guests’ experience, and this year is no exception. Here are our summer 2019 updates!

Massive Generator for Reliable Power

Since North Haven Resort is in such a remote location, we must supply all our own electricity to power everything from walk-in freezers to cellphones and tablets in our guests’ cabins. So this past winter, we purchased a new generator to supply reliable power to both our main lodge and guest cabins. This generator was installed in May and will provide ample power for many years to come.

Brand New Lakefront Deck and Lounge

This past May we also finished construction on the new lakefront deck and lounge area. It is located just off the game room on the east side of our main lodge. This updated area is the perfect place to unwind after an exciting day of fishing. You can sit on a comfortable couch and recount the action of the day. Or, enjoy your favorite drink and listen to the soothing water flow down a creek towards the shore of Utik Lake.

Northern Pike Fishing Updates
Northern Pike caught at North Haven Resort by Dennis

Northern Pike caught at North Haven Resort by Dennis

The 2019 fishing season is off to an incredible start. We had two truly giant northern pike caught so far, and things are still just warming up.

Our guest Kevin landed this massive 48.5-inch pike on a fly rod. Another one of our guests, Dennis, landed this 49.5-inch monster northern pike. Congratulations to both Kevin and Dennis, who are Manitoba’s newest Master Anglers!

Besides these two huge fish, many other trophy-sized northern pike were caught and released by our guests in the 41 to 46-inch size range.  Be sure to follow North Haven Resort on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to keep up to date on all the trophy fish caught by our guests this summer.

Northern Pike caught at North Haven Resort by Kevin

Northern Pike caught at North Haven Resort by Kevin

Other Exciting Updates

Most of our guests at North Haven Resort stay with us for the exclusive, world-class fishing we offer. From massive northern pike to monstrous walleye and lake trout, it’s a fisher’s dream out here.

However, we understand that some of our guests have interests in other outdoor activities as well. This season, we are offering our guests the unique opportunity to use two brand new, pedal-powered Hobie kayaks on Utik Lake.  These kayaks are designed to glide quietly through the water and provide a relaxing way to enjoy the northern Canadian wilderness that surrounds you.

In addition to the new Hobie kayaks, we also have traditional kayaks and pedal-powered pontoon bikes available for our guests to use.  The pontoon bikes are an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a little exercise while they explore Utik Lake.

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